Future of the Internet

This month’s Wired has an amazing piece by Kevin Kelly entitled We are the Web.

It’s at http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/13.08/tech.html

I find it very provocative in terms of what it says about collaboration and the integration of web-based thinking into everything.

It also underscores my bully-pulpit theme that legal publishers must add value to command a premium on legal information that (ultimately) has been produced (pace Ted Tjaden) as a public good.


  1. Simon C, you’re absolutely right: this is an amazing article. I’ve been on the internet since the early days and indeed have missed the extent of the miracle because of an infinity of small advances. Kelly puts the incredible change of the last 10, 15 years very well.

    I think everyone should read this and begin to think in much much broader terms than has been the case. Creativity must leap now to stay in the game. What will this mean for law? for “law in one country” so to speak? Very exciting. And wouldn’t it be an exciting thing for us to begin to speculate here on Slaw? (If by chance it happens, we could hive off the thread and create a separate area for it.)

    Anyone else stimulated by the article?