Google Print Redux

While I’m on my Google kick, I thought I’d point to the rejuvenated Google Print that will begin scanning and publishing work again any day now… soon… probably. As Joe Hodnicki says, “Sounds like Google is lawyering-up.” But in the meanwhile, there are interesting things to be found in the material available from contributing publishers, especially, perhaps, in the tables of contents.

An unsophisticate search for law AND Canada OR Canadian turns up a good bunch of interesting material, starting with Marc Ribeiro’s 2005 book, Limiting Arbitrary Power: The Vagueness Doctrine in Canadian Constitutional Law (Vancouver: UBC Press), ISBN 0774810513, with an index that might be useful. Or Douglas Gilbert’s older (2000) Canadian Labour and Employment Law for the U.S. Practitioner (BNA Books), ISBN 1570182140, which lets you search the entire text.

What would a more sophisticated search string catch?

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