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Computer Labs – Necessary?

I was musing on the subway this morning about our computer lab — actually we have two of them. They take up a lot of space and of course are resource-intensive, needing continual upgrades in hardware and software. Does anyone still think we will need them in say, five years time?

Most of our students now have laptops. They’re more ubiquitous than ever and getting smaller, lighter and with longer battery life. And of course our students are more IT-literate than ever before — and that will only increase. Our libraries are wireless. Printing is wireless. In the future I . . . [more]

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How Fast the Wikisphere Works

Reading about Justice Samuel Alito yesterday, the Post and the Times both linked to the Wikipedia biography of the nominee.,_Jr.

It seems to be written in real time, with links to the White House statement, and newspaper commentaries, as well as good links back to his judgments and pre-judicial career.
What was really impressive was how fast this was current and running, a better site than any of the conventional papers and a tribute to web-based collaboration. . . . [more]

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