We Do Love Our Lists: Best of the Blogs

The WebLog 2005 Awards have closed nominations for the best web logs, and now we can vote. The blogs are put into categories, including law blogs, and international (including Best Canadian blogs). Here’s the link to the top 15 law blogs you can vote on: http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_law_blog.php. And, for voting on the best Canadian blog (none of which appear to be blawgs): http://weblogawards.org/2005/12/best_canadian_blog.php.


  1. Thanks! I’ve voted for my favourites. Most of those in the law category I’m not familiar with so wonder if we missed the boat on nominating some good ones? Will have to take a look at those listed.

    Incidentally, we are allowed to vote more than once per category, although not more than once in a 24 hour period. So, if anyone has a particular favourite you might want to make multiple votes. Funny system.

  2. Some odd stuff in the blawg list. Check out “Stop the ACLU.”: http://stoptheaclu.com/

  3. Most of them seem to blogroll each other, so I wonder if nominations came from one party or group. The TaxProf Blog http://taxprof.typepad.com/ looks good and the BeldarBlog http://beldar.blogs.com/beldarblog/ is entertaining (anyone who quotes from The Paperchase is okay in my books) but it was last posted to in October which is ancient in blog terms.

    Once nominations were taken in, the award creators reviewed the blog sites and picked those that would be in the final group for voting. I wonder what got passed over? I mean, where is beSpacific and the [non] billable hour, for example? Not to mention Lessig Blog. Odd odd odd

  4. The number of right wing blogs is surprising.
    It reminded me of Time Magazine’s Man of the Century competition in which Kemel Ataturk outpoled everyone except Churchill – see http://www.time.com/time/time100/time100poll.html

  5. Perhaps we should hold our own law blogs awards as a counter point?

  6. Let’s do that, Connie. First, though, let’s see if we can get a list of Canadian law blogs. I’m not saying we’d restrict the Slaward to Canadian site; just that it’d be good to be able to look at them all an include them in the running.

  7. Sounds great. Perhaps we can repost this in its own SLAW message to get others to contribute.

  8. This is a great idea, what’s next?

    How about a separate page (like the Canadian TOC page), and a shared gmail account for submissions? We could take nominations for an 8 week period, and then open things up to voting?

  9. Okay, I’ll set up a separate page and put a link somewhere on the main page to a voting thing. I think Slaw’s new hosting company will let me set up a polling thingy. I’ll report back when I know for sure.

    But Steve, what’s the “TOC” about? We’re talking blawgs here, no?

    I am working on a sub site of Slaw that will contain as many tables of contents of Canadian books as I can extract from the publishers — so that researchers can search them — and that will be a TOC page, so-called.

  10. Sorry, too much detail…. just trying to suggest a dedicated page.

    So it’s a law blog award, correct? as in The 2006 Law Blog Slawards! :-)

    Just one award? or multiple categories? (Canadian Law Blog, Research, Practice Development, Substantial Law, Marketing) … ?