Slaw Help? Canadian Law Blogging List

Could I get some Slaw help? I’ve created a list of Canadian Law Blogs over on the VLLB, and I’d like to expand it as much as possible.

If you know of anyone else, feel free to leave a comment here on this post, and I’ll add it in. Any leads will be very much appreciated. :-)


  1. Steven – the obvious retort is why are all your entries in English:
    just for a kick-off, try adding:
    Now some of these get blurred between politics and law, but we’re in an election hereabouts.

  2. Thanks Simon, I’ll take a look.

    On the ‘blur’ topic, I do want to distinguish between personal and professional blogs. I’m familiar with a number of personal blogs that belong to individuals who are employed in the legal field, I’m not sure that makes them law blogs.

    Generally, law blogs should be connected to a practice, or track a substantial law issue, or offer something regarding practice management or development. Political blogs (that have a legal cross-over element) are difficult territory, and something I’ll have to consider a bit more.