Black Helicopters and Google Earth Prompt Complaints From Governments

Since 9.11, democracy and openness have been at odds with security. Now Google earth has caught the attention of governments such as in India where concern has been raised about the detailed satellite pictures available featuring sites from the Taj Mahal to some of the world’s most secret military installations.

Want to know more: Here is a story originating from the Christian Science Monitor “Google’s Open Skies Raise Cries” courtesy of CBS News; also an article from The Indian Sunday Express: “Technology: Search and Destroy — Google has stunning entries for its photos of the world’s most secret military installations”; and, a reference back to the tongue-in-cheek competition launched by the Register (in the UK) which challenged users to find black helicopters at sensitive sites using Google Earth “Google Earth: the black helicopters have landed”.

So, what is this all about? Good fun? Open access to information? Or, a serious threat to security?

Your call…


  1. Google and high level intelligence, you say? Hmmm….and we let them read our email with Gmail, search our desktops with Google Desktop. Are they merely a modern day convenience, or should we be keeping a close eye on them?