This Week’s Links: 051216

  1. Northern Light
  2. Business Research Engine
  3. essay by Dennis Kennedy
  4. Mistress Justice: What I’ve Learned in Legal Research
  5. Jux2
  6. Google Hacks
  7. ResearchBuzz
  8. U.S. Naval Observatory Julian date converter
  9. McMaster University Julian date converter
  10. calendopedia: Julian dates
  11. Christian Science Monitor: “Google’s Open Skies Raise Cries”
  12. The Indian Sunday Express: “Technology: Search and Destroy — Google has stunning entries for its photos of the world’s most secret military installations”
  13. The Register: “Google Earth: the black helicopters have landed”
  14. Ontario Legislature Public Bills index
  15. Ontario Legislative Library Bills Before the House
  16. Nature: Wikipedia’s accuracy
  17. Prism Legal
  18. AmLaw Texas: “A Smaller Legal World – More and more companies are outsourcing work overseas — where the price is right”
  19. Atlas Legal Research
  20. Lloyds Law Reports
  21. American Maritime Cases
  22. I-Law
  23. Informa launches online research tool for legal sector
  24. Westlaw service listing of Lloyds Law Reports
  25. Lexis’s offerings on maritime law
  26. DG Internal Market and Services Working Paper: First Evaluation of Directive 96/9/C on the Legal Protection of Databases
  27. Ontario Legislative Assembly
  28. Votes and Proceedings
  29. Ontario Legislature “House Business”
  30. Ontario Bill 214, The Election Statute Law Amendment Act, 2005
  31. Ontario Legislature Votes and Proceedings for December 13, 2005
  32. LLRX: A Guide to the Spanish Legal System
  33. Evolución de las Bases de Datos Jurídicas en España
  34. ZiefBrief
  35. Opinio Juris: Where Have All the Treaties Gone?
  36. U.S. Department of State FOIA Electronic Reading Room
  37. Canada Treaty Information
  38. Legal Information Preservation Alliance
  39. Thomson: The Making of Modern Law
  40. PreviewSeek
  41. Inter Alia
  42. CALL Conference: “Job Swaps and Library Exchanges”
  43. Yahoo!
  45. blog post
  46. flickr
  47. LibraryCrunch: Yahoo buys into web.20
  48. Legal Profession and Publishing Industry Launch International Law Book Facility
  49. Google Directory – Society > Law > Legal Information > Weblogs
  50. Larry Lessig
  51. Brennan Center on Fair Use
  52. CIPO’s A Guide to Copyrights
  53. Robic’s useful guide to Fair Dealing: Criticism, Review and Newspaper Summaries
  54. the CCH case
  55. Department of Canadian Heritage’s site
  56. CNET Free speech under Net attack, study says
  57. Corante: Copyright Mythbusters: Believe It or Not, Fair Use Exists
  58. CLA: Selected Bibliography/Webliography [pdf]
  59. Online Rights Canada
  60. beSpacific
  61. Liberal party news: Prime Minister Paul Martin’s proposed ban of handguns in Canada
  62. Library Boy: extensive list of gun control resources

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