No to Just Legal Information – Yes to Work Process

In an interesting profile in the Star-Tribune for November 15, entitled On Business: Thomson West becomes the go-to firm for online legalese the company’s strategy is clearly away from simply being in the information provision business. Indeed it’s so wedded to content and process, that Thomson West is more like an integrated information and software company. Some of this was becoming clear in its early and ambitious Westworks, whose birth is lauded at The ASP Approach: Experience Equals New Products and whose obituary can be found at WestWorks Melds Into ProLaw

The new West vision is shown at On Business: Thomson West becomes the go-to firm for online legalese
Neal St. Anthony quotes Mike WilensFor more on Mike, see Cary Griffiths’ interview“The ‘long ball’ for us is an increasing focus on products and services that are in the workflow of the attorney,” Wilens said.

“Otherwise, we get eaten up over time by free stuff on the Internet.

“We work with the attorneys and we can help them improve their process.”

Peter WarwickFor a bio look here, a veteran Thomson manager who took over as CEO of Thomson West in January, said his mission is to push the Eagan-based company’s annual growth rate to the high-single-digit range by integrating and customizing legal and other resources for online and print consumption by customers from several fields.

“We look at our customer, whether a government agency or a law firm, and we’ll say, ‘What resources do you need?’ And [then] we’ll put together complementary resources to facilitate their work,” Warwick said.

Just goes to show we’ve come a long way from Kellogg BoulevardThere’s a blog just on West gossip. And that Minnesota is still the centre of gravity of this operation.

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