Jim Milles’ Podcast

Jim Milles, law librarian at the University at Buffalo Law Library and also the driving force behind the Out of the Jungle and ublaw phoenix law blogs has his own podcast blog called “Check This Out!” Since the end of October, Jim has been putting together a number of items in his weekly broadcast.

Description of his December 25th podcast:

Episode 009: Happy Holidays!
This is a short end-of-the-year episode for the holidays, featuring a Radical Militant Librarian poem by Robert Ryan, a story of sledding, lost gloves, and sharing from Quirky Nomads, and a shout-out to all my peeps at the UB Law Library. Merry Christmas to one and all! Special quiet edition music: The Angels Know, by Steffen Coonan.

I found the “story of sledding, lost gloves, and sharing” particularly charming since it is from the point of view of an American recently moved to Canada. I thought everyone around the world put lost gloves up on trees or bushes so their owners could find them, but apparently not. Just a quaint Canadian custom.


  1. Great commentary, a guy from Buffalo, ‘the Canadian Minute’! … How could anyone not like these?

    I’m listening my way through his archive on the train rides home at night. I’ve been very impressed.