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Treaties on the Web

Thanks to ZiefBrief for this tidbit:

Tracking Down Treaties – Help Arrives From the Dep’t. of State
In Where Have All the Treaties Gone?, Duncan Hollis, one of the law professor authors of the international law and politics blog Opinio Juris, reports that (after a big nudge from Congress), the Department of State has added almost 1500 bilateral and multilateral treaties and other international agreements to its web site.

This is good news for legal researchers, since up until this point free government sources of recent U.S. treaties were very thin on the ground.

The collection begins in 1998, . . . [more]

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Open Sources

I haven’t been posting to SLAW lately, due to end of term burn out, and travelling on university business. In my latest trip, I took with me the most recent issue of “The Walrus” for December/January. Now that Saturday Night has fizzled out, it has become my Canadian magazine of choice. So I’m not hesitant to plug it. In addition to some great articles on hydrogen fuel in Iceland, Japanese tea ceremonie in Halifax, etc., there was an article by Jeremy Keehn, “An open-source history of open source” – its a great one page graphic. Its worth checking out.

While . . . [more]

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Take a look at PreviewSeek, a new search engine from the U.K. that claims to be better than Google and explains why.

It’s sleek and fast, I’ll say that for it. And it’s apparently a meta-search engine, querying the usual suspects (one suspects — though they don’t say) and then integrating the results. It also clusters its findings in a menu to the left of the main page, which can be helpful.

Funny how resistant one is to letting go of Google.

[via inter-alia] . . . [more]

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Research Profiles?

Is anyone doing anything interesting with regard to profiling their users? Do you have an intake survey when they start at your firm (or law school)? Has anyone experimented with building profiles via online surveys?

I’ve been thinking lately that it would be a great resource (on a number of levels) if we could build detailed profiles of each of our lawyers – either by a paper or electronic questionnaire, or by extending the information we collect in the personal profiles area on our Intranet.

Also related, are you’re tracking Library reference questions in a unique way? or linking reference . . . [more]

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Academia/Firm Exchanges

Slaw readers know that Osgoode Hall Law School is currently recruiting new librarians (three positions advertised, more later next year). When we do have some new full-time staff on board one of the things I’d like to look seriously at is setting up exchanges with law firm librarians. The idea would be to promote knowledge and understanding of the way in which our respective users undertake research. I think it would be especially useful for academic librarians to have insight into the way in which lawyers use firm libraries, and the kind of information they seek – useful in that . . . [more]

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Yahoo! on a Web 2.0 Spending Spree

In its bid to compete in a Web 2.0 world, Yahoo! continues its spending spree. Over the weekend they purchased according to this blog post. Yahoo! recently also acquired my favourite photo host flickr. Thanks to Michael Casey for this tip from his blog LibraryCrunch.

[Is it my imagination, or has suddenly crashed? I can’t seem to get access right now. Probably from all of us gossip mongers trying to get onto the site!] . . . [more]

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Law Books and Development

What to do with core legal texts? One English charity has a good idea

Legal Profession and Publishing Industry Launch International Law Book Facility

The International Law Book Facility, a unique charitable and publishing industry initiative, has been launched by the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice John Thomas, Judge of the Court of Appeal and ILBF Trustee.

With the support of Book Aid International, this important new initiative has a simple goal: to provide printed core legal texts to legal professional bodies, pro bono groups and law schools involved in access to justice in common law jurisdictions of Africa, Asia and . . . [more]

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We Made the Top Twenty

Legal Blogs that is.
Google Directory ranks websites in particular topics by the number of hits they receive. Google Directory – Society Law Legal Information Weblogs
Our category may be rather small, but among the top twenty legal blogs, we made the top twenty – just, we came in at 19.
But we are the only non-American site in the top twenty.
That and ten cents of hope will keep us on the Infobahn . . . [more]

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Copyright, the Web and Access

Thanks to Larry Lessig for pointing out a great report from the Brennan Center on how web-based collaboration is being challenged by the misapplication of old print approaches to copyright. See Brennan Center on Fair Use.
As the Report’s Press Release states:

Misinterpretation of ‘Fair Use’ Stifles Free Expression
Artists, Writers and Bloggers Targeted for Using Copyrighted Material
New York, NY — Today, the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law released a new report, “Will Fair Use Survive?” which documents the increasing number of artists, writers, bloggers and others who are unjustly targeted for using copyrighted or

. . . [more]
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Online Rights Canada

Online Rights Canada (ORC) is a grassroots organization that promotes the public’s interest in technology and information policy. We believe that Canadians should have a voice in copyright law, access to information, freedom from censorship, and other issues that we face in the digital world.
Online Rights Canada [Via beSpacific.]

. . . [more]
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