New Slawyers Lawford, Lines and Acton

Slaw is proud to say that in the last few days we’ve been joined by John Lawford and Michael Lines, who have agreed to become occasional contributors, and by Heather Acton, who is joining as a core contributor.

John Lawford is counsel with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre in Ottawa. He has experience doing medical-legal research with a large firm; he has been a research director at a major Ottawa firm; and was for a number of years Special Projects Director and Webmaster at Quicklaw.

Michael Lines is the law librarian and information coordinator at the Forum on Civil Justice, in Edmonton. He has his Master of Library Studies and has experience in a wide variety of law libraries.

Heather Acton is the information specialist with Robertson Stromberg Pedersen LLP, who have offices in Saskatoon and Regina.

We’re welcome these three new members.


  1. Who is Richardson (see the title of this article)?

    John Lawford

  2. Your alter-ego… no sense in letting Slaw fame go to your head too early… I’m thinking ‘Pete Richardson’.

    After 3 months, Simon will let you use your real name. Right Sally?

  3. Sheesh. Steve’s right: I do this embarrassing thing at least twice a year. I apologize, John. I’ve removed the error from the title and put your name there. Cold comfort, I know, but, as Steve’s comment suggests I got Connie Crosby’s name wrong, calling her Cathy. I deny I ever misnamed anyone Sally.

    Feel free to call me names, John.

    By the way, I don’t usually correct mistakes with a re-edit, but in this case it was egregious.

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, Simon and other Slaw folk.

  5. Sally, Cathy, Carol….just don’t call me late for dinner! ;-)

    Welcome aboard, new Slawyers!

  6. Thanks for the kind words and glad to be here. At least people noticed this way Sally (er, Simon)!