More on Law and IT – Teaching IT

Further to Patrick’s last post, the BarclayBlog (out of Syracuse Law School’s Law Library) has posted a link to a story entitled “Teaching Tech Skills to Lawyers” (January 20, 2006) by Steven C. Bennett, a story that also points out the need for lawyers to be more tech-savvy in response to meeting client needs and expectations. Bennett points out that law schools are often remiss in not teaching needed tech skills (I wonder which, if any, Canadian evidence classes discuss issues surrounding “electronic” evidence and how to gather it, etc.?). He identifies four goals for technology skills training for lawyers: (i) the need to “learn about how to learn” about technology; (ii) the need to be savvy consumers of technology and acquire technology that meets their needs and the needs of clients, (iii) the need to “leverage” networking technology; and (iv) the need to be sensitive to the inoperability of systems.

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