Patrick Cormier

It’s been a busy week here at Slaw central. We have another occasional contributor to welcome. Patrick Cormier is a legal officer (i.e. lawyer) in the Office of the Judge Advocate General in the Department of Defence and currently Project Director of the “Comprehensive Information Management Project” there. In case this isn’t enough, he’s a blogger as well at Information Management Now.


  1. Welcome aboard, Patrick! I am enjoying reading your “other” blog. In looking at Stephen’s Lighthouse yesterday I clued in that we both contributed comments to the discussion of LibraryThing not too long ago:

    I look forward to bouncing ideas around with you here as well!


  2. Thanks Connie :-)

    It’s a small world!! Are you are attending the ARMA Regional Conference in Toronto ( I’ll be there – session T31 and T41.

    Look forward to read more of you,