Canadian Federal Statutes Online Now More Current

The Canadian federal Department of Justice finally appears to be improving the currency of its online legislation, with the following formal announcement at

Updates to Justice Laws Web page

The Department of Justice is in the process of upgrading its online ability to consolidate legislation and to provide for regular and timely updating of Acts and regulations on our public Web site. As of January 27, 2006, all Acts on this site have been updated to September 28, 2005 at a minimum and many have been updated to dates beyond this point, as will be indicated at the beginning of each Act. As a result of the upgrade, ‘Not into force’ provisions will be temporarily unavailable.

Regulations are in the process of being updated and are expected to be current to December 2005 when they are made available at the end of February. The links to the regulations that are listed after the table of contents of the Acts may no longer be accurate since the regulations have not been updated. Users are advised to confirm the status of the regulations by means of the Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments (, which is current to December 31, 2005.

Further updates are scheduled for February and March 2006, after which the site should be fully current. We thank you for your understanding during this upgrading process.

Several years ago I sat on a focus group sponsored by the Department of Justice to receive feedback on their legislative website. At the time, I certainly gave them my two cents worth and I hope their promise of improved currency will be realized.

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