Parliament Resumed Today

Parliament resumed today, and Liberal MP for Kingston, Peter Milliken, was re-elected Speaker. From this afternoon’s CBC write-up:

It’s significant that all three candidates were Liberals. Speakers can only cast a vote when there is a tie in Parliament.

As a result, it’s not unusual for a minority government, which needs the vote of every one of its MPs, to ask that only members of the Opposition put their names forward for Speaker.

Meanwhile, constituents of MP David Emerson, who crossed the floor after the elections to become Cabinet Minister in the newly formed Harper government, were protesting:

Elsewhere, some of B.C. MP David Emerson’s unhappy constituents flew a protest banner from an airplane over Parliament Hill during today’s opening session.

The banner, paid for by the Campaign to de-Elect David Emerson, read, “David Emerson call home.”

Hmmm….could prove an interesting session. Has anyone heard whether Cabinet Minister and newly appointed Senate member Michael Fortier was allowed into the House?


  1. Regarding my question about Michael Fortier, this from the Globe and Mail Tues. April 4/06:

    “And there were criticisms yesterday as Public Works Minister Michael Fortier was sworn in as a senator. Opposition parties said it will be hard to hold him accountable because he was not elected, and the Liberals planned to have senators pose questions in the Red Chamber at the same time as MPs query Mr. Harper on Public Works — questions that Mr. Fortier’s parliamentary secretary, James Moore, will likely field.”

    and related:
    Tuesday April 4/06: Speech from the Throne