Corte Suprema Di Cassazione Announces Election Decision

Another top court goes live to the web. Tonight’s decision of the Corte Suprema di CassazioneWikipedia’s take on the Court is so lame one wonders why they bothered. Far better is the official account of the jurisdiction of the Italian courts on the election last weekThe centre-left coalition of Romano Prodi won the majority in both houses in the parliament with a slim margin, clearing the way for Prodi to form a government next month. is much less controversial than Gore v. Bush, but that doesn’t mean that it’s being accepted without fuss. Former Prime Minister Berlusconi is not taking the decision lying down, and seeks the Quirinale The Presidency, in a move of sheer chutzpah.

Meanwhile the Professore, Romano Prodi, prepares to govern. And Italian law and life goes on

From a common lawyer’s perspective what’s curious is how mundanely factual the decision is. One couldn’t imagine a common law court facing such a challenge refraining from grand statements.

But then Italian politics was always different.Berlusconi

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