When Things Go South

I know many Slawyers read the Globe and Mail, but just in case not everyone managed to get to the Review section, let me pass on the burden of a story found on the lower left of today’s p.R1: The Canadian Almanac and Directory is going south. The Michigan company ProQuest bought Micromedia, owners of CAD, in 2002, and decided a couple of weeks ago that Canadians would no longer manage the Directory: control of that venerable and encyclopedic institution has been whistled south to Ann Arbor.

How venerable is the Canadian Almanac and Directory, of which even I own a print copy? Mine announces that it was made in the 143rd year of publication and that was 16 years ago. And because Simon Chester gave us some delightfully dated English in his piece on tax reform, I’m going to quote in full the original and wonderful title of the Directory: the Canadian Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge containing Full and Authentic Commercial, Astronomical, Departmental, Ecclesiastical, Educational, Financial, Military, Naval and General Information. This is the original Canadian Web in a book, with a better search mechanism than Google’s.

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