Greetings From TechShow

This is a live blog from the keynote address by G. Burgess Allison at the Twentieth ABA TechShow.

Not surprisingly, it’s a bit of a pot-pourri.

Burgess Allison has been a visionary leader of the legal tech community for more than 20 years. As Technology Editor and a columnist for Law Practice Management magazine, Burgess’ practical advice and irreverent style made his column the most popular feature in the magazine for more than 18 years. His 1996 book, The Lawyer’s Guide to the Internet, introduced us to the vision and potential downsides of what has turned out to be an especially turbulent technology. Only the inimitable Burgess could devise a keynote address entitled Technology Eye for the Curmudgeon Guy.

MicrosoftGood Burg joke – Microsoft is the new IBM. is being outflanked by Google, and the ground rules are changing.

Burg is on a roll about Friedmann’s The World is Flat, and its implications for the legal profession Note that the CBA National for June will feature the lessons of India and outsourcing for the Canadian legal profession..

The session on Blogs that’s on tomorrow morning looks handy:

There are many different types of law-related weblogs. What types of blogs might be useful to a practicing lawyer?
1. Those that focus narrowly on a legal subject.
a. DUI Blog
b. Construction law blog
c. Video Game Law Blog
d. Financial Institution Law Blog
e. Beyond Structured Settlements
2. Those that connect us to innovative legal thinkers.
a. Between Lawyers A group blog featuring a discussion of technology and the law. With Denise Howell, Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell, Ernie Svenson and Marty Schwimmer.
b. Dennis
c. Legal Sanity
3. Those that teach us research skills and information
a. Inter AliaTom’s blog, where he focuses on Internet legal research and legal technology topics. You can also subscribe to his Internet Legal Research Weekly newsletter there. Inter Alia was awarded
Best Law Blog of 2005 by Dennis Kennedy’s Blawggie Awards.

b. Robert Ambrogi’s Law Sites
4. Those that serve as news and current event sources
a. How Appealing
b. beSpacificSabrina Pacifici’s blog provides “accurate, focused law and technology news,” with an emphasis on government documents and issues.
5. Those that teach us better practice management skills
a. Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips This is Jim’s blog, and he’s offering weekly law practice management tips on technology, marketing, finance, and more. It was voted “Favorite Practice Management Weblog of 2005” by Technolawyer.
b. Reid My Blog
c. Law Tech Guru

More in the morning – it’s drinking time in Chicago.

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