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This announcement came out from the Legislative Library at the Ontario Legislative Assembly yesterday, and permission has been obtained from Erica Anderson to repost here:

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In an effort to move towards one access point for all information about current Ontario Bills, the Legislative Assembly website is undergoing some changes. Most recently, current bill information has been integrated into one site.

There have been two places to find bill information: The Public Bills Index (on the “Bills” portion of the website), and the Bills Before the House pages (on the “Library” portion of the website).

For the current session only, the Bills Before the House pages have been incorporated into the Public Bills Index. You will now find the Bills Before the House pages as a link called “Backgound and Resources” under the bill on the Public Bills Index. Please note that previous sessions’ are not integrated; Bills Before the House information remains on the library portion of the site for previous sessions. Please see the instructions below for further clarification:

To access Bills Before the House information (now called “Background and Resources”) for the current session:

1. Click on Public Bills Index: http://www.ontla.on.ca/documents/bills/index.htm
2. Select Bill #
3. Click on Background and Resources under each bill

To find the Bills Before the House information for previous sessions:

1. Go to the library Bills Before the House page: http://www.ontla.on.ca/library/bills/billshome.htm
2. Select the Parliament
3. Select Bill #

Erica Anderson
Research Librarian
Legislative Library
Legislative Assembly of Ontario
Queen’s Park Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A9

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