I attended a sneak preview of the new Quicklaw/Lexis platform earlier this week and found it to be quite interesting. A good way of describing it would be a Lexis platform with a Quicklaw feel. But make no mistake, the platform we are all so familiar with is on the clock. Lots of bells and whistles for the seasoned researcher with some newer features to come. Knowing the readership of Slaw I don’t want to go to far and get the folk at LexisNexis Canada Inc. too ticked off at me, but with the CALL conference coming up many of us will have a more in-depth peek in the near future and I’m sure will be burning up the Slaw pages with our reviews.

In a wider sense I started thinking of how the commercial vendors are now working hard to add the bells and whistles to their products, I would love to see some usage stats from CanLII.

On a completely unrelated note, if you need to buy a gift for a lawyer friend, I find something about these six minute clocks to be funny, sad and likeable all at the same time, then again, I have a well developed appreciation for the absurd: The Billable Hour Clock

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