This Week’s Links: 060428

  1. TaxHeat
  2. The Gavel Store
  3. Gavel bouquet
  4. Shanghai Courts Start to Use Gavel
  5. Silk Robes and Sou’westers: Scene 4: The Supreme Court of Newfoundland in session
  6. The Green Bag: J. Wright, “An American Visitor to a Canadian Court” [pdf]
  7. Canoe: Judge’s own “Da Vinci Code” cracked
  8. The Guardian: Books: How judge’s secret Da Vinci code was cracked
  9. WorldLII: Free Access to Law Movement: Declaration on Free Access to Law
  10. SPARC
  11. Larry Downes
  12. CIO Insight: L. Downes, “Why Johnny Can’t Stop Sharing Files”
  13. Citizens for Open Access to Civic Information and Data
  14. O’Reilly Radar: Open Text Mining Interface
  15. Nascent: Open Text Mining Interface
  16. Baigant and Leigh v. Random House Group Limited [pdf]
  17. PopUrls
  18. Cool Tools: Consensus Web Filters
  19. Service de recherche documentaire: DSI
  20. DSI. Le carnet des sites de recherche
  21. Google Advanced Search
  22. Creative Commons Licence
  23. IAAP: Administrative Professionals Week
  24. WIPO: World Intellectual Property Day
  25. WIPO: It Starts with an Idea [wmv]
  26. Creative Commons: The Only Way to Spend World IP Day
  27. Canadian Music Creators Coalition
  28. Barenaked Ladies
  29. Avril Lavigne
  30. Sarah McLachlan
  31. Chantal Kreviazuk
  32. Sum 41,
  33. Stars
  34. Our Lady Peace
  35. Rheostatics
  36. Billy Talent,
  37. Weakerthans
  38. Broken Social Scene
  39. Sloan
  40. Andrew Cash
  41. Blue Rodeo
  42. Ottawa Law and Technology Journal: D. Gervais, “The Purpose of Copyright Law in Canada” [pdf]
  43. Ottawa Law and Technology Journal: C. Craig, “The Evolution of Originality in Canadian Copyright Law: Authorship, Reward and the Public Interest” [pdf]
  44. LibraryLaw Blog: Copyright, Librarians, and the Grateful Dead
  45. D. Dodd, ed.: The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics
  46. Mary Minow
  47. LibraryLaw Blog
  48. Greatful Dead
  49. New York Times: Xerox Misses Estimates; Pricing Pressure Is Blamed
  50. CCH Canadian Ltd. v. Law Society of Upper Canada
  51. senatorhung’s pad: the world has copyright on the brain !
  52. Thomson: Management Information Circular [pdf]
  53. Norton: J. Epstein, “Book Business – An Excerpt”
  54. Bulletin of the Medical Library Association: T. Plutchak, “Publishers”
  55. Copyright (journal)
  56. Copyright journal wiki
  57. William Abresch
  58. Project on Extrajudicial Executions, Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, NYU School of Law
  59. Project on Extrajudicial Executions: Country Situations
  60. Copyright Act: s. 13(3)
  61. ABANet: Law Practice Magazine
  62. CCH Canadian v. Law Society of Upper Canada
  63. Irwin Law: M. Geist, ed., “In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law”
  64. E. Judge, “Crown Copyright and Copyright Reform in Canada”: Chapter 19 (excerpt)
  65. Michael Geist: Canadian Education Requires More Than a Bigger Cheque
  66. CanLII
  67. University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal
  68. University of Ottawa Law and Technology Journal: citation guide
  69. Hart House lecture
  70. Tabaret: M. Geist, “La crise du droit d’auteur au Canada”
  71. Le Fawny “Blog Personnel”: Geist does Hart House
  72. Tarlton Law Library: Current copyright literature
  73. Genie Tyburski
  74. Virtual Chase Legal Research guide: Intellectual Property Law
  75. Ted Tjaden
  76. LLRX: Intellectual Property Law – Canada
  77. Canadian Heritage: Copyright Reform Process
  78. UK Patent Office: Copyright
  79. New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development: Copyright Law
  80. Parliament of Australia: Intellectual Property Law
  81. United States Copyright Office
  82. Larry Lessig
  83. The Stanford Copyright and Fair Use Center
  84. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  85. WIPO Index [pdf]
  86. Pritzker Legal Research Center: International Intellectual Property
  87. Swiss Legal Research Center International IP Links
  88. P. Jacsó: “Digital Copyright & Copywrong”
  89. CARL-ABRC: Droit d’auteur
  90. Centre national des arts plastiques
  91. Institut de recherche en propriété intellectuelle
  92. ALA: Copyright Advisory Network
  93. LEGISinfo

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