Montenegro Law

Well it seems official after the weekend’s vote (barring a re-count) that Montenegro is the world’s newest country, pretty much completing the break-up of the old Yugoslavia (although Kosovo’s status has yet to be resolved). I did some checking this morning to see what law-related resources exist for the new soon-to-be country and it looks like some work needs to be done. Most links are still under the heading for Serbia-Montenegro, which was the latest name for the surviving Yugoslav rump, consisting of a federation of the two entities so that will need to be changed. The link from WorldLII leads to a guide to small European jurisdictions on, but there’s very few links. The one to the Parliamentary site is in what I take to be Montenegrin and the Government site doesn’t work. Another site, has a little more information, and the Consitution, also not in English though – and presumably now in need of some amendment. This was just a cursory look and I am sure there’s much more out there. Montenegro fielded their first team in the Vis Moot in Vienna last month – it was great to see students from a tiny country of just over half a million people, and doing so well. I look forward to seeing their legal web-sites bloom.

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