Arc Conference on KM

I’d like to find out who else from Slaw is going to the KM Conference for the Legal Profession June 13-14 in Toronto, and any comments about the Arc Group if you’ve had experience with them.


  1. I will be in the audience too.

  2. I’m told I will be waxing poetic about the librarian’s role in law firm KM, so will be there.

    I haven’t had contact with Ark Group before this. I understand they are big in the UK and are just making in-roads on the North American market. Earlier this year they held KM conferences in NYC and Florida I believe. Those who attended sessions moderated by Joshua Fireman of ii3 (who is doing this one) have reported excellent experiences. He moderated our pre-conference workshop on KM at the CALL conference and I have only heard good things about it.

    Ark Group put on commercial seminars/conferences and publish a number of journals in the area of information management, KM, law and financial/risk management.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it, here is the info on the conference in Toronto


  3. And my colleague at Miller Thomson LLP, Graeme Coffin, our National KM Lawyer, will be presenting the second session on Day One, on conditions necessary for success of KM initiatives in law firms.