Current Cites

There are few things in this version of Current Cites that might interest Slawyers:

M. Moffatt, “Marketing’ with Metadata – How Metadata Can Increase Exposure and Visibility of Online Content”
This isn’t quite as commercial as it sounds and so might not be the tool to get the firm to buy into the metadata markup thing. Still, might be useful. “Simple explanations on how to expose metadata via harvesting, distributed searching, and syndication (i.e., RSS) are covered.”
M. Breeding, “Web Services and the Service-Oriented Architecture”
Part of the Web 2.0 picture. “Thankfully, ALA nabbed someone with impeccable credentials and the ability to explain complex topics simply and clearly. Breeding uses the well-known Amazon and Google Web services as examples, even including code listings (a minor quibble is that the code should be downloadable from somewhere, for those that want to try this out). At the end of this 49-page publication is a summary of library automation vendor support for Web services within their applications. From this survey it is clear that Web services is not in your future — it is here now. If you feel behind it is because you are, and this fine LTR is just what the doctored ordered as your cure.”
U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science, “Mass Digitization: Implications for Information Policy”
This looks like a piece that Library and Archives Canada should know about in their quest “Toward a Canadian Digital Information Strategy.”

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