Law Blogger Is Outstanding Young Canadian!

Congratulations to David Fraser, recipient of the 2006 Outstanding Young Canadian Award in the category of Leadership, given by the Junior Chamber of Commerce International, Halifax Chapter.

David, as many of you know, is one of Canada’s most dedicated law bloggers, and is a great example of how blogs should be used to develop a lawyer’s online profile. In his post responding to this award, titled I’d like to thank the academy. And my blog…, David describes some of the perks that have come with the blogger territory – notably, speaking invitations and high profile articles. David’s also mentioned to me in the past (via email) how this expanded profile really does help drive new work.

Another reason blogging works so well for David is his attitude. If you read his blog, it’s pretty obvious that he’s genuine in nature and dedicated to his topic. The reason for his success is even more obvious when he describes these profile perks as ‘unintended consequences’. It never hurts to be humble. :-)

Being a good blogger isn’t easy, but regular & dedicated posting demonstrates expertise, and having a genuinely helpful tone can make you seem human. Now, if you were looking to hire a professional – or any service for that matter – and could tap into someone who had both these assets, who would you call?

So congrats again David, I’d say your award in the category of Leadership is a perfect fit!


  1. Thanks for letting us know, Steve. As one of the original Canadian law bloggers and experts on privacy legislation, he is well deserving!