National Institution Reopens

The Library of Parliament in Ottawa, which has been undergoing four years of extensive restoration, rehabilitation and upgrading, finally reopened today. See the press release. According to news reports, books and staff are just now about to move back in. See also the CBC News article and audio/video report by James Cudmore for CBC-TV [run time 2:18; requires RealPlayer].

The public will have its first peak at the changes on June 3 and 4 during Doors Open Ottawa. Regular Parliament Building tours will again include the Library starting June 5.

The Library of Parliament was opened in 1876 and is the only portion of the original Parliament Buildings’ Centre Block not destroyed in a 1916 fire.

More information about this project is available from the Parliament Hill website.

Congratulations to those involved in the project, and the Library of Parliament staff on the shiny like-new digs!


  1. Hi Connie! Simon just pointed out to me that you had already posted about this while I was away yesterday. Oops! I’ll remove my belated announcement. And, in answer to your question, I really do hope to be at CALL next year where I could see the work that’s been completed. Still, I won’t hold my breath!

  2. No worries. I liked how you were able to get the same point across in a few lines. Pith is not my forte!