Summer Reading

The recent posts about managing email reminded me that the summer seems to be a good time to tackle “non-legal” reading. For those interested in some eclectic choices, read on (all choices are available at

– Getting Things Done (David Allen). Many may already know of this book – for me it was an easy to read guide to productivity. The author tackles all kinds of common behaviours and situations (including email management) and offers simple, logical and practical solutions.

– The Microsoft Crabby Office Lady Tells It Like It Is: Secrets to Surviving Office Life (Annik Stahl). I just came across a reference to this on the Microsoft website (and so can’t comment much). I’m hoping it will turn out to be both humourous and practical.

– Dish: Women at Mid-Life Tell The Truth About What Really Matters In Work, Relationships and The Rest of Life (Barbara Moses). The title says it all – having only read a few chapters, it’s too early to share what I’ve learned.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions, Elizabeth. My summer reading tends certainly tends to be lighter, and as non-work related as possible, so I reccomend highly John Mortimer’s “Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders”. The latest in the Rumpole series, but also the first, in which we learn about Horace’s first case, his life as an articled clerk, and how he met Hilda, “She who must be obeyed!”.

    Its a must for anyone in the legal business.

    Like the eponymous hero himself, it has nothing whatsoever to do with technology, except for typewriters.

  2. A hilarious book which covers many of the more absurd aspects of working in a library “Things my girlfriend and I have argued about”, by Mill Millington

  3. David Allen’s website also has a wonderful add-in for configuring Outlook to support his system.

    Most of us use a handful of the power of Outlook.