CLA and Copyright

This from Sharon Wang, Reference Librarian at Osgoode Hall Law School:

Last week, a public letter [pdf] was released by CLA at its annual meeting held in Ottawa. This letter was addressed to Minister Bernier and Minister Oda regarding possible amendments that will be made to copyright legislation. In the letter, CLA “recommends caution and reflection.” Any future changes made to the copyright regime should keep the balance among the needs of creators, rights holders, and users.

The letter addressed two important issues: technological protection measure (TPM) and fair dealing. CLA believes that “TPMs present significant barriers to access to information for permitted uses” and Canadians should not “tolerate a copyright regime that requires licenses for uses that are covered by the fair dealing provisions of the Act”.

CLA has requested a meeting with the Ministers to further discuss the concerns on copyright reform and the role the library community can play in such process.

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