The Changing Role of the Librarian – Podcast

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Entitled “Hasn’t the Dewey Decimal System Been Invented Already?” the latest instalment of Jim Milles’ podcast Check This Out! was posted last night. In this episode, Jim has a few clips that examine, among other things, the changing role of the librarian. My contribution as “Canadian correspondent” discusses the Ark Group conference on KM held last week. I give an overview of the sessions plus mention a few things I learned. Please note Jim has changed the posting schedule from Mondays to Fridays. Probably because he is so busy travelling to conferences on the weekends!

I’m particularly thrilled about this episode because it is the first bit I have recorded myself. In the past Jim would call me up and he would record on his end. This time I finally figured out how to record on my iRiver and then uploaded and emailed the MP3 file to him. It was ridiculously easy, although I still have a bit to learn about optimizing the sound of my in-line (i.e. external) microphone. Not to mention varying voice inflection. Jim managed to improve the sound on his end, fortunately!

So, just by virtue of us delving into recordings and podcasting, this in and of itself is changing our roles as librarians. Librarians as broadcasters? Who’da thunk it!


  1. Good for you Connie! I know you’ve been working towards podcasting for a while. Are you going to give Jim a run for his money at some point? :-)

  2. Maybe! But to be honest I am a little more motivated to jump to video (which Jim is also playing with). I’m a huge fan of Rocketboom and have noticed *they* don’t have a Canadian correspondent yet. ;-)

    Incidentally, there is a conference this weekend in Kingston called Podcasters Across Borders which Jim will be attending. Shelagh Rogers, Nora Young and Tod Maffin of the CBC will be there. Wish I had more time to attend!