RSS by Stealth?

I’ve had good intentions about more aggressively trying to get our lawyers using RSS but time has been restrictive and though I keep putting out hooks on our office blog, only one lawyer has taken the bait so far. I have plans for a workshop but that just hasn’t happened yet … I’m aiming for the fall when enthusiasm will be higher than usual (I think).

With all this in mind, it was with interest I read Michael Stephens’ post at Tame the Web, “TTW Mailbox: Selling RSS to Medical Librarians” (the title is a little misleading) about how one librarian, David Rothman, is turning his “physician-clients” on to RSS. There’s no reason why this wouldn’t work just as well with lawyers, don’t you think?


  1. That’s great! Unfortunately her intro message to the physician is about 4 times the length of what I could send someone here. And I’d have to demo in person… but she’s got the right idea, using teachable moments to incorporate new technologies.