Legal Drafting for Every Eventuality

This morning’s TimesCuriously, the clause has been floating around since at least 2002. is reporting on a clause from a financing – for those trying to read it on a BlackBerry, it reads:

Upon the occurrence of the end of the world before full payment and performance of the Notes and Drafts, the Notes and Drafts, at the option of the Required Banks, will become immediately due and payable in full and may be enforced against the Company by any available terrestrial, extra terrestrial or spiritual procedure. For remedial purposes and for purposes of determining the relative equities of the parties, the Company, by virtue of its attorneys, will be deemed to be aligned with the forces of light, and the Banks and their attorneys will be deemed to be aligned with the forces of darkness, regardless of actual ultimate terrestrial, extra terrestrial or spiritual destinations of the Company or the Bank or any of their particular officers (including the Treasurer and the Vice President-Finance).

End of world clause


  1. I guess legal sites can be funny! I do residential design and Drafting, Fresno CA and I have an extensive standard Terms of Agreement that I put on all my contracts, but it’s lacking an End of the World clause. I am going to add a similar clause to my TOA, just to see if my clients are actually reading it! Thanks for the chuckle.