The U.S. College of Law Practice Management has released the inaugural issue of Innovaction, an “e-zine” in pdf. It’s splendidly produced, with lots of dramatic colour and interesting articles, as befits a publication with a name like that.

Two of the reasons for its success may not be hard to find: just look for the tiny Canadian flags in their lapels. The Editor-in-chief was none other than Jordan Furlong, whose day job is editor of the CBA’s National, and one of the Editorial Advisory Group was Slaw’s own Simon Chester. Simon was also a member of the Innovation Roundtable, along with Dennis Kennedy and other luminaries.

Congratulations Jordan and Simon.


  1. Thanks Simon – one tiny correction. While it’s true that the College’s Administrator is based in Colorado, the College is remarkably international, has dozens of non-American fellows and in fact met in Vancouver last September. In the entire Innovaction project, we worked closely with the Edge Group whose two founders Gerry Riskin and Patrick McKenna are Canadians, as collaborators and sponsors.

  2. Simon C – Do you know how often will it be published?

  3. We’re hoping annually, but that will turn on how widely it gets circulated and how much interest there is in the Innovaction Competition.

  4. I hope so. It’s not often you get a group of that quality together.