Footnote to the Global 100 LegalTech Leaders List

Thanks folks, for nice comments. Aw shucks…

Now the more interesting party gameBearing in mind that I regard these sort of Legal Week, Nat LJ, Lexpert lists as inherently ludicrous. is who’s missing from the list who we would all regard as Global LeadersThe City TechMag list was top heavy with vendors, seemed entirely English speaking and was entirely USA and UK, except for my fellow PowerPoint Twin, Dan Pinnington of LawPro:

Let me start the ball rolling with my surprisingly missing sixteen:

Richard Susskind, London
Jon Bing, Oslo
Kingsley Martin, Chicago
Marc Lauritsen, Boston
Liz Broderick, Sydney
Ejan Mackaay, Montreal
Daniel Poulin, Montreal
Ron Friedmann, Washington
Dave Hambourger, Chicago
Hank Perritt, Chicago
Peter Martin, Ithaca,
Ron Staudt, Chicago
Graham Greenleaf and Andrew Mowbray, Sydney
Mark Tamminga, Hamilton
Dave Bilinsky, Vancouver


  1. Simon,

    I’m never sure of the criteria for these sorts of lists and while your mention is certainly well-deserved, I wonder why Hugh Lawford and Dick von Briesen never get a nod from those who wish to honor pioneers in legal tech.

    Congrats to you.


  2. Well both Hugh and Dick were interviewed for the Osgoode Society archive of oral legal history. Hugh tires easily but is eminently lucid as always.

    For those who do not know, when West Publishing decided that they had to catch up with the Ohio Bar experiment (which morphed into Lexis) they had to decide whether to build from scratch or adapt an existing application. They chose the latter, so those of us whose Westlaw experience goes back over twenty years remember when QL and WestLaw were identical, since they sprang from a separate source.

    Hugh and Dick were the grandparent/programmers of WestLaw.