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Global Culture

Switching from Canadian culture (hockey and the Criminal Code) to global culture…

Wednesday evening I attended a “meet-up” for the Web 2.0 people in and abouts Toronto, a follow-up to the Mesh conference held last May and to be reprised in May 2007. I ran into few people I had met at the original conference, but talked to a number of fellow bloggers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. A number of people stood out to me in my conversations, and one in particular I thought Slaw fans should know about: Juan, who has a blog on migration and global culture.

Global . . . [more]

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The Friday Fillip

Because PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii are due out today and Sunday, respectively, I thought it might be appropriate to make a very brief visit to one small aspect of an internet subculture. Gaming is not something I do — though I suspect that within it lies much of all our digital futures, law people’s included — so I’m going to deal only with a part of gamer language — “leet” or “leetspeak”.

What is it? Leet is a kind of cant or jargon designed to create a community in the know and to exclude all others, rather like law, . . . [more]

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Aside from “Law Librarian” and “Slaw contributor” one of my alter-egos is a Minor Hockey Referee in the Hockey Canada system. I have always been somewhat amused by the dichotomy between my days and my evenings. In one pursuit I research, organize and provide access to legal information; in the other pursuit I act as judge, jury and executioner (if you will allow my to coin that phrase), enforcing the rule book (penal code) of Hockey Canada. In one pursuit I deal with a lot of whining and players who just cannot believe that they can do anything wrong, in . . . [more]

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Attack of the Robo-Lawyers

I’m a fan of cheezy science fiction movies, so when I saw this subtitle on The National for October/November I was intrigued enough to pick it up and browse. It has a lot of short articles and sidebars relevant to the postings on slaw, including an short piece by one of our contributors, Dominic Jaar. Its worth a look at.

Of course, this being Friday and all, if you want to check out some weird sci-fi take a look at The 5.000 Fingers of Dr. T. Something of major cultural event when I was growing up on Vancouver Island . . . [more]

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People Are the Brand

In an interesting case of ‘people as brands’, and employees walking out the door, Danny Sullivan, the founder of Search Engine Watch (SEW), and a pioneer of the search engine news scene, is starting up shop across the road. On December 11th, Danny, along with Chris Sherman (his long time No. 2 man), and Barry Schwartz (another big name in web search), will be starting Search Engine Land.

This site is sure to be a great resource for anyone interested in search engines, or web marketing generally, but the interesting thing to me is how the loss of these . . . [more]

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CAIJ Fait Pour Meriter Cela?


J’invite par le présent billet les employés et membres du CAIJ, c’est-à-dire pour ces derniers, les membres du Barreau, à m’expliquer pourquoi ” À compter de janvier 2007, le mot de passe sera obligatoire pour accéder à JuriBistroMD TOPO.”, tel qu’on le lie sur la page d’accueil de Juribistro|Topo?

J’ai beau ressasser dans ma petite tête tous les motifs pouvant justifier une telle décision et chacun des arguments semblent s’effondrer aussitôt.

Le seul semblant de raison serait que les membres payent pour ce service et seuls ceux-ci devraient pouvoir y accéder: . . . [more]

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