We native Vancouver Islanders got tired of all the Albertans and Easterners, amongst others, moving out to “paradise” in Victoria, so we staged a fake winter storm to deter anybody who is thinking of relocating. Don’t believe what you see or hear in the media. Bet we had you fooled, huh?


  1. Glad to hear that, Neil. Still, with temps. in Edmonton of -25 (wind chill of -40), -17 looks pretty good.

  2. Indeed! Toronto has your weather I think, today around 16 or 17 (Celsius for any U.S. readers, not Fahrenheit). Just for a little while. We’ll send it back on the weekend once we’re bored with it!

  3. That’s what started it all! Keep it on your side of the water eh? My tulips have a foot of snow on them! Not that this won’t go away in a week, and they won’t be blooming in January anyway, but that’s beside the point… :-)

  4. *Yawn* Might be a good day for a patio lunch I think.

  5. Well at least you didn’t call in the military so you still have our respect.

    As for the East coast, it is a balmy 12 degrees today. I think I just might take a picnic to the beach.