US Copyright Office and LOC RSS Feeds

This news has been all over the blogosphere, but in case anyone has missed it, the US Copyright Office and the Library of Congress are both now offering RSS Feeds for their news & legislative updates. Both sets of feeds are available here.

A question… Do any of you know the background on why these two government groups might be publicizing these feeds on the same page? Is it simply a matter of someone adding context for the user, or is there a formal relationship between the Copyright office and the LOC?


  1. It looks from their websites that the Copyright Office is part of the Library of Congress. The LOC has a link from the left sidebar, and the Copyright Office website is branded “Library of Congress” at the top.

    Just a guess…

  2. Good guess Connie – remember the separation of powers, which might suggest that the Office is part of the Executive Branch.

    The LoC is formally the research arm of Congress.

    “An agency of the legislative branch of the U.S. government, the Library includes several internal divisions (or service units), including the Office of the Librarian, Congressional Research Service, U.S. Copyright Office, Law Library of Congress, Library Services, and the Office of Strategic Initiatives.”