I Got Tagged!

Simon Fodden tagged me in the “5 things you didn’t know about me” game… on Slaw!! I thought this was illegal: Slaw is my safe harbour!! I feel like I am 5 years old and love it!! Thank you so much Simon, this is my best Christmas gift!

1) I once was a hippie: spending my summers in BC, between Hornby Island and the Okanagan Valley, breathing the West green air while feeling the breeze in my long hair and beard (that I still have, in a shorter version though…);

2) I almost became an artist: I wanted to study theatre (which my parents STRONGLY opposed) and played in numerous pieces, amongst which I impersonated Olivine Dubuc (an old women) in Les belles-soeurs de Michel Tremblay;

3) Naturally, before being a hippie (hair are part of both cultures apparatus), I was a head banger (yeah, that explains it all!), listening to the rhythms of Megadeth, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, etc.;

4) I am a drummer and percussionist, and still love to play these rhythms!! In fact, I now spend more time showing my 2yo son how to play Rush’s Tom Sawyer!

5) To my wife’s dismay, I love scuba diving with sharks! I have been from Costa Rica to Indonesia to share a swim with them.

Before tagging someone else, I have to say that the curious person that I am (that you knew) needed to find where the “5 things you didn’t know about me” game started from… Here is my tag’s genealogy:

A) Simon Fodden was tagged by:
B) Steve Matthews, AKA VancouverLawLibririan, was tagged by:
C) Jim Milles was tagged by:
D) Jennimi was tagged by:
E) Darren was tagged by:
F) Michael Stephen was tagged by:
G) Phil Bradley was tagged by:
H) Daggle was tagged by:
I) “multiple people…”. Notwithstanding the fact that I will probably never know where my tag really comes from, at least Daggle was nice enough to point me toward the Blog Tag Tree and links to many search marketers who have been tagged. It seems librarians and legal tag originates in the marketer branch…

Therefore, I will tag forward :
I) In English:
a) Dennis Kennedy
b) Rob Hyndman

II) En français:
a) Michel Leblanc (retour aux marketers!)
b) Vincent Gautrais
c) Nathalie Gauthier

Bonne année à tous!

PS Simon, you still have to tag four persons!!


  1. Thanks for tagging me. It’s now online. I tagged Jean-Julien Guyot (ipub.ca.cx) and I know, I still have to tag four other persons…

  2. Cool how you searched so far back! Happy 2007 to you!