Apple to the Core?

Not yet a Canadian issue, legal, IT, or otherwise; but it is IT, and may eventually become a Canadian IT issue involving some legal research, so … 

There’s no news, yet, about when the (it may not be called the iPhone, by then) Apple “iPhone” will hit Canada. In the meantime, for those following the nascent iPhone trademark war, here’s a side story.

Here’s the link to a Slashdot story on what might be another Jobian dilemma involving the iPhone, if the story is accurate. The story’s title is “iPhone Not Runing OS X”. The article’s point (I believe) is that if the iPhone OS is an OS X variant in a meaningful programming sense, it would have to be open source. But, it’s not open. I didn’t follow the links in the article to see if the writer is correct about the description of the licence under which Apple acquired the right to use the kernel for OS X. 

It’s an interesting claim, if true. And it’ll be fun for lawyers, maybe even Slawyers.

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