Legal Images and Digital Documents

This is in the way of a postscript to Connie Crosby’s previous entry on January 5th. As I commented on the posting, I was in New York last week, and had some time to visit the New York Public Library and to look at some of their special collections. Its one of the few places where the general public can do this, subject to understandable restrictions. They have some amazing stuff, but I was impressed by the amount of visual material that they were scanning and making available in the NYPL Digital Gallery. I did a brief search using the search engine, and came up with 190 items just the term “law”. I haven’t looked at these at all, but my favourite so far (given the current obsession with Johnny Depp and/or Pirates) is the “Arrest of Captain Kidd”.

I did a basic google search and can’t find a comprehensive site for digital images of law and wonder if anyone else has any more information on this. I find these very interesting, personally, and great for instruction.


  1. Yes, as we work on more web/digital projects, it would be nice to have a resource we could use for images to bring it all to life!