Innovation in the Practice of Law

The legal market is not known – yet – for embracing innovation. And the life of a law practice management innovator can be lonely. That can and will change…  

The College of Law Practice Management (of which I am a Vice-President – full disclosure) sponsors the InnovAction Award, which is designed to identify and honor innovation in law practice management.

To get an idea of what we’re up to, take a look at the ezine on Innovaction that Jordan Furlong edited, and which we discussed last year.

If you are in a law firm, inhouse department, or other law practice (no consultants or vendors please) that has done something innovative – whether with technology, knowledge management or otherwise – please take a moment to review the InnovAction web site and consider submitting an application.

The honour is a significant one.

Let a million flowers bloom.

InnovAction Award


  1. Thank you for the reminder. Some very interesting articles in the ezine. And I like the idea of the award.