You’ve got a piece of text you want to share with others, and you want them to be able to comment on it. You could of course email it round and get comments back that way. And you could put it up on a website with a comment function — if you had one and if you knew how. Or you could use

This simple web application allows you to post up to 30,000 characters to a URL that it generates and that belongs only to you and your text. You can inform others of the URL at the time you post and they can make comments if you wish. You can also keep the text private so that it won’t be accessible except by password.

I’ve put up a sample patch of prose, which you can find at elh3cp, and to access which you need the password slaw. (For USD$2 / year you can get your own persistent URL, which gives you the right to edit your posts.)

This is a good idea if what’s wanted is a throw-away website, good for a one-time purpose.


  1. This is a good idea for a quicky drafting tool. I notice that the comments do not show any commentor info, which is easily overcome with user rules.
    Thanks for this great tip!

  2. I’ve just got off a Law Society call where we were collaborating with a Google Docs shared text. That’s the programme that used to be called Writely. I found it fine, for a basic drafting tool and the save as feature meant that it could be easily ported in to other applications.

  3. I’ve been using this site until i came across with this beta:
    Don’t let the word beta fool you, its working just fine for me. This easy to use site allows you to share photo/video with ina rich text mode. No more for me. I upload a random video file to see how it looks: