The Late Law Commission of Canada’s Records

When the money went away, and the Comission went away, it looked as though all of the work went away as well. But thanks to Annette Demers (reference librarian at the University of Windsor’s law library) who pursued the matter and sends us this information, we now know that the Commission’s records and reports were stored with Library and Archives Canada in their Electronic Collection:

As the Electronic Collection intro page says: “Please note, information may be out of date and some functionality lost.” You betcha.


  1. I have some info on that and am currently preparing it. I’d hoped to have it launched by now but some system problems held me up. Regardless, I will be making a posting on Slaw and several other lists in the not-too-distant future.

  2. A really useful link, thank you very much. I couldn’t believe that the Law Commission had been shut down!
    Kiron Reid, Lecturer in Law, University of Liverpool, UK.

  3. I can’t believe it either. Always thought of Canada as progressive and forward thinking.

  4. I was stunned that the Law Commission had been shut down! I thought I must be doing something wrong, for how could the website for such an body just disappear?. Thank you, Annette Demers, for tracking the material down. I was linked to four pieces of work on my AiR website, under Restorative Justice, and now I have them back.