Knowledge Ontario – Electronic Library of EBSCO and Thomson Gale Products

Of particular interest to Ontario residents would be the initiatives by Knowledge Ontario to providing online resources to Ontario residents. Access is free of charge from “home, school or work” and is 24/7 and includes licensed full-text newspapers, magazines and journals, references books and newswires .

Two of the major providers are Thomson Gale and EBSCO. There is law-related content, including LegalTrac, which includes links to a fair number of (recent) full-text law journal articles as part of its indexing.

Those in other provinces should check with their provincial library bodies for similar initiatives.


  1. Actually, it’s a very subtle way to get people to join their local public libraries or other instituiton that has access to the KO sites. That, no doubt, is how they’ll restrict access to Ontario residents.

    The method of access is: “Available to anyone within a public, school, college or university library, or from home with a library card and Internet connectivity”

  2. The Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec ( provides a similar service to all Quebec residents. Some sources (like Gale and EBSCO) are available remotely. Others can be consulted directly at the BANQ.