Hein Online Usage at Toronto Law Firms; Hein’s Continued Content Expansion

It appears that the major law firms in Toronto are equally divided on subscribing to Hein Online based on my recent informal survey.

Nine law firm law libraries subscribe to at least the law journal module on Hein with nine law firm law libraries not subscribing. Some noted that their incoming law students are well aware of the product (from law school) and seem to expect the firm to have it. Those that subscribe seem to love it and cannot imagine life without it. Many of those who do not subscribe expressed cost and budgetary restraints as a factor.

Although we at SLAW should not likely favour one of the major legal publishers over another, with Hein it is hard not to love their databases since, as one colleague put it, “they are so darn nice to deal with”.

Hein has recently announced that they will be adding two new major modules: the English Reports and a Foreign and International Law Resources database (click here for a PDF brochure regarding the latter).

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