Supreme Court Advocacy Institute Launches Website

A new training organization called the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute has launched its website.

The Institute will “provide pro bono, non-partisan advocacy advice to parties appearing in an appeal before the Supreme Court of Canada”.

Litigants will be able to apply to appear in front of a panel of senior counsel, former Supreme Court law clerks, and professors of law who will critique their presentation and advocacy skills.

It will be a bit like a moot court session that will simulate the experience of appearing before the Supreme Court.

The National Advisory Committee is chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci.

I described the Institute in 2 posts on my blog Library Boy earlier in February:

  • Training Program To Prep Lawyers For Supreme Court (February 6, 2007): “The executive director of Institute explained that ‘subjecting novice counsel to the exhilarating, intimidating reality of a top-court hearing will have significant benefits for both novice lawyers and Supreme Court judges who are frequently frustrated by naive or unfocused advocacy’. The Institute will be funded entirely by law firms and law societies. It will have no official ties to the real Supreme Court of Canada.”
  • More on Supreme Court Advocacy Training Program (February 11, 2007): “…the program is open to all counsel, not only first-timers; it is available both to the private Bar and government counsel; (…); the program helps counsel prepare for an actual appeal; it is free; the Institute is independent of any private or government organization, and non-partisan; (…); the program is national and bilingual…”

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