More on OpenID

A couple of months ago I pointed you to a video explanation of OpenID by Simon Willison. He’s given another talk, “The Future of OpenID,” that he’s put online along with his slides, to take you further into this topic; there’s another introduction and then descriptions of all the things that can (and will) be done with it, as well as a tour of things that are still wrong with it.

Why should you take some time to learn more about OpenID — or anything, if it comes to that? Because Microsoft’s Bill Gates has weighed in on the matter and spent a full seven minutes in a conference keynote talking about it and saying Microsoft will support it. It is coming to many places near you.

An interesting side note: Willison has put his talk on the Internet Archive Open Source Movies collection. You’re invited to post your videos here, and once you do they’ll automatically create thumbnails and a Flash version to view online.

They do not (yet) accept an OpenID login, however.

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