One Ring to Find Them All

GrandCentral is offering a service that supplies a single phone number that consolidates all of your current phone numbers — cell, work, home, cottage, your other cell… A person trying to reach you dials your new number (just try to get people to change their contact info) and all of your phones sound off, as though some UFO has woken all electrical devices within half a mile.

This might be useful for some — those, perhaps, who don’t regularly duck and hide behind phone A from callers to phone B. And those who believe that a Web 2.0 company is going to be around 315 days from now: see Tim Bray’s skepticism on this score.

Still, GrandCentral is making news. The NY Times has a piece, as does O’Reilly Radar, where “himself” has this to say:

In short, I expect GrandCentral to become one of the premier Web 2.0 and social networking platforms overnight, and it’s squarely aimed at the heart of the communications device used by more people than any PC application will ever touch.

And there are some neat features, such as the fact it’s free if you’re only consolidating two phones, and that it announces the name of the person calling you, and let’s you take your messages on your computer as MP3 files…

I don’t know. For some time now I’ve been trying to get down to one telephone in my life, and this wasn’t exactly the way to do it that I had in mind. What do you think?


  1. I suppose you could call-fw all your old phones to the new number, so that people wouldn’t have to memorize anything new. But then you’ll be paying for call-fw’ing all over the place… that’s why I gave up the cell years ago: I figured it was just a high-priced dog leash. Between email, fax, the phone book and the web, if you can’t figure out how to reach me, I probably don’t want your call anyhow.