The Collective Noun Contest – the Prize

Somewhere, stored in the Slaw archive, amidst the collected wisdom of this congregation, is the thread listing new collective nouns for groups within the legal profession.

Actually, it’s here.

Anyway, so that the contest doesn’t run interminably – and to kick start it – John and I are now able to announce the prize. It will be awarded two weeks, hence, as part of that day’s fillip, Simon F willing.

What’s below are paragraphs from e-mail exchanges between us setting out how we arrived at the prize, and what it will be. All explicit identifiers have been removed to protect the guilty with some words added for sense.

We shall have to meet to determine the winner of our collective noun contest. What prize do you think we should award—lunch with us (at our expense) at the Library Bar (Royal York / Fairmont) when convenient to all?

Is that lunch second prize? First prize being the right to decline? We’ll have to make it, “when in Toronto”. The winner could be elsewhere.

The criteria for winning the contest clearly—though I admit only as implied terms—include (i) that the winners reside in the GTA (or occasionally come here), and (ii) that they would be nice lunch-time companions.

An announcement would be a good idea and the deadline is reasonable—two factors clearly necessary to prevent our being successfully sued by a disappointed contestant! 

Then let’s announce a deadline for the contest – two weeks, tomorrow? – and the prize, so that contestants will have a chance to make other arrangements, should they wish to politely decline.


So, summarizing: The deadline for those interested in winning is noon (DST, Toronto) April 20, 2007. The winner(s) will be announced here and notified by email. Get those submissions in. In the event of a tie between the two top choices – or should John and I be unable to agree on the best candidate – he and I will bite the bullet, so to speak, and invite two people to lunch. The Cobb salads are huge.





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