Sakatchewan Plans Free Wifi


According to a Government of Saskatchewan press release from a couple of months ago (which I’ve only now found out about, thanks to Michael Geist):

Residents and visitors to the downtown business districts and post-secondary institutions of Saskatchewan’s four largest centres will soon be able to access the country’s largest wireless Internet network, free-of-charge. Premier Lorne Calvert and Minister responsible for Information Technology Andrew Thomson made the announcement today in Saskatoon.

The Saskatchewan! Connected initiative will offer users basic Internet service in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina, and Moose Jaw via a wireless Wi-Fi network to be operated by the government Information Technology Office, SaskTel and other partners. The service will also be available in select business districts in close proximity to downtown Saskatoon and Regina.

Would that all provinces understood the value of making this aspect of the infrastructure available free.


  1. The BBC is reporting questions about health concerns for 1% of the population:

  2. There may be problems, but I wonder whether cell phone microwaves aren’t even more ubiquitous. Perhaps the different frequencies is relevant; I don’t know. Thing is, wifi will rain down on us all anyway: it’s simply a question of whether it’s free or not.