Connie on Web 2.0

I hope our Connie Crosby doesn’t mind me promoting her new article on this month’s (dated May 29, 2007): Discovering the Latest in Web 2.0 Developments is a wonderful presentation in .pdf which outlines the history of the term and concept, functionality, tips for implementation and, of course, the applications: blogs, RSS, wikis, pod/videocasts, screencasts (I liked that one, Connie), social networking, Second Life… I found the links and references particularly useful and interesting: the “REALLY New Stuff” on p. 31, and various references and web site links on pp. 38-41. Well done again, Connie!


  1. Forget the Long Tail, think Coat Tail. As in riding behind Connie’s…. :-)

  2. Thanks so much, guys! You are very kind.

    Posting a presentation makes me nervous for a few reasons:

    – it lacks my explanation about each slide. I can’t reach out and tell you the story that goes with each one. Perhaps this is a good candidate for a screencast?
    – some people will see I borrow ideas heavily from others. I have tried to accredit them as much as possible. Probably my biggest influence has been Amanda Etches-Johnson who very kindly has let me reuse some of her slides.
    – If I want to present this talk in the future (and I will) I will need to come up with new images and ideas to keep it interesting.
    – I prefer to make my slides more visual than text-based. In this case, this presentation has a lot of text and I added some to clarify a few things for you. Eventually it would be nice to add images in for each concept and get rid of the text for future presentations.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! I do hope you find it useful.